I’m recently engaged and looking to start house hunting! What’s been a topic of conversation between parents/fiancé/me is whether to save my money into my savings or not.

I’ve got about 36k of student loans currently between federal student loans and perkins loans with various interest rates ranging from 3-5%. I have income based for the federal and then I pay a little over the bare minimum payment on the other. Plus now that I’ve completely paid off a private student loan I put the extra money I was paying on that loan onto the loan with the highest interest rate.

Here’s the deal, I’ve been a very frugal person my whole life and have saved my money well. I don’t have enough in my savings at all to pay off my loans by any means but I have enough to cover emergencies plus.

Now I want to get a housing loan with my fiancé. My plan is get a house that’s more expensive because I’m not a fixer upper person and I don’t plan on buying a starter home.

Would I get a better mortgage loan by paying more of my student loans off now or by having more saved up? I’m not quite sure how that works out I guess. My fiancé tells me I should pay a bunch of the loan, my parents say I should keep more in savings since obviously I also need to plan a wedding as well.

Regardless while federal interest rates are 0% I’m totally gonna put a little extra on my loan but I just want advice as to what would be more beneficial to me. Thanks!

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