Just a heads up, I'm aware that it's not "Free money".

As of right I have 4ish years of work experience. 3 years I have been at the same job (Im planning of making my career) I did some reading and I believe in order to start building my credit for my furture I need a secured credit card. I'm sorry for asking this, I don't have anyone to ask. (can't ask anyone to be on their credit/Vice versa)

  1. How much should I put into the account as my deposit?
  2. Also, I read somewhere it's better to only take out a percentage? Like 30% for example… is this true and if so, what would be the optimal range?
  3. I currently have a bank with capatail one. They have like 9 cards. Can anyone give me a heads up about which one is better for building credit?

FYI, I'm sure when I mention 18, it's alarming. I'm as responsible as it can come for alot of kids…. haha. I'm just trying to build credit now because in the foreseeable furture hopefully instead of renting a trailer for $800 (that's falling apart) plus all the bills, I could be paying a mortgage instead. I'm aware it's far away. Lol.

🙂 thanks for all of your help!

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