OK so, for the previous three tax years I did my taxes myself using TurboTax. This year, I decided to go back to a CPA I used to use (and had good experiences with). The reason for going with a CPA was that I opened a backdoor Roth last year and TurboTax seemed to be over-taxing me for my contributions. I figured a CPA would be able to fix any potential issue I was dealing with.

Fast forward, and my CPA notices something fishy about my 2018 tax return and suspects I paid too much taxes. Her reasoning (from what I understand) is that I paid short term capital gains tax on ESPP and RSU stocks that I sold, but the money from those sold stocks already showed up as part of my income on my W2 (box 1), so essentially I paid taxes twice on those stocks. She asked to see my last few years of tax returns and found that in all of the last three years I actually have a higher tax refund owed than what I received.

I assume a CPA knows more about this stuff than me and don't have a reason not to believe her on the surface, it just seems a bit too good to be true that she somehow found several thousands of dollars in additional tax returns for me over the past 4 years (which obviously justified her in billing me a crazy high amount for the work she did).

Ultimately, I don't know whether to be suspicious or if I'm just being paranoid and should be happy my CPA did a great job.

Anyone have any suggestions based on what I outlined above?

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