A few months ago, my girlfriend of a couple years was in financial trouble. She had taken a year off of school to join me on a job contract abroad, so when she came back her student loans were somehow due. Because of that, her dad had to take out more loans to cover it. But he needed a cosigner because of his credit.

I volunteered, because of how she picked up her stuff to move with me for my work — I felt it was the least I could do. I was shocked to find out it was for $40k.

So Im a dual citizen but I didn't grow up in the US. My college tuition was no where near anything like that.

After co-signing, however, I lost my job because of the coronavirus. At the same time, I got accepted to grad school on a great scholarship. Great, but not full — I'm going to need to take out my own loans to go. And I dont have much else going for me in terms of work, and I don't see it getting better….so I'm leaning on going.

So because I'm not exactly sure how the system works…what could be done about this co-sign? What would happen if I asked for a release 3-4 months into the arrangement?

TLDR: I cosigned my girlfriend's student loans a few months ago but now I need to get out of it so I can get my own.

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