South Australia announces it is Covid-19 free after last-known patient recovers, but new cases reported in other states. Follow live

11.53pm BST

AFL players are returning to training on Monday, and the AFL Players’ Association doesn’t want people to be trying to catch AFL players out in breaching restrictions, stating it would amount to a witch hunt.

They’ll be tested for coronavirus twice a week, and then once a week once the season recommences. Those found to breach the rules will face stiff penalties.

11.48pm BST

A bit more on what it’s been like for NSW residents having restrictions eased, via AAP:

Bartenders have relished the “phenomenal” feeling of pouring a beer into a glass pint and diners have embraced a glimmer of normality as NSW restaurants and bars reopened after an easing of Covid-19 restrictions.

The state’s restaurants, cafes, pubs and clubs are now able to have up to 10 patrons if they maintain social distancing after the NSW government wound back several restrictions from Friday.

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