Northern Irish business will face additional barriers to trade with Britain after Brexit, despite Boris Johnson’s promises to the contrary, the Government admitted on Wednesday. Mr Johnson said Northern Ireland’s businesses could throw customs declarations forms “in the bin” because there would be no “no barriers of any kind” to trade crossing the Irish Sea in November after negotiating the Withdrawal Agreement with Brussels. Michael Gove told the House of Commons that Northern Irish traders would not face new import declarations and administrative requirements on goods they were exporting elsewhere in the UK but he admitted that would be subject to the EU agreeing to that system. “There will need to be declarations on goods, as they are moved from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. But these systems will be electronic and administered by UK authorities,” Mr Gove said. The Cabinet minister admitted that existing customs infrastructure in places like Larne and Belfast would need to be expanded. There would have to be more checks in the agriculture and food sector to ensure animals met EU standards, he said. While existing customs infrastructure would have to be expanded, no new posts would be built, Mr Gove said.

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