I am married and am wanting to go back to college. I mistakenly went to an unaccredited private college at my parents recommendation for three years when I didn't really know what I wanted to really do in life. I was one year from graduation and realized my unaccredited B.S. in Criminal Justice wouldn't get me into the IT/Tech jobs that I was interested in.

I left to go to a local community college and enrolled in their IT/Networking major, attended 2 semesters after having 0 credits transfer (so Junior->Freshman).

I had to move away though, but my work offered a tuition reimbursement through an online college. This was a big transition period in my life and some tragedy happens during my first semester. I was 3.0-3.5GPA for the first two colleges, but I failed out on my third college and lost federal aid. Coincidentally, I dropped out.

I am feeling stuck in my current retail situation. My local community college now is ~$2,000 for a 15 credit semester. I plan to go for the Network Administrator Cert, which can then build onto the AAS Networking Specialist.

Should I use student loans to pay for this? My wife nets ~$3,100/mo net roughly ~$1,400/mo (she also has a degree.)

$4,500 combined income. $1,400 rent. $300 car payment. $160 car insurance. $200 internet/phone. $150 credit card payment. $500 groceries. $150 on the dogs. $100 power. $60 gyms. $150 Uber/Lyft (we share a car and work schedule sucks.) $100 dining out.

So spending roughly $3500 after some miscellaneous spending and the leftovers go into some savings and upping the debt payments on car and credit card.

Also roughly $2500 in savings but we may be needing that for a down payment on a new apartment in a few months.

Would I be better off grinding and saving to pay cash as I attend? Or should I opt for a student loan and work on getting the degree sooner/paying it off later?

Sorry for the giant wall of text, my mind is really a scattered mess. Thanks for reading whatever you could make it through, and for taking time out of your day to help mine!

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