hey, not sure where I can ask this question, so I decided here would be best!

I’m currently 20. I live in a pretty rough household where the actions of my guardians take a large toll on my mental health. They pay for my things (phone, cable, etc.) and are putting me through college at the moment. I’m a soon to be junior. I love my guardians, but they put me through a lot, and border on abusive at times. It’s gotten so bad that I have stress headaches from being at home. I’m much happier with my family from a distance (at the dorms).

With that being said…I have it so that I wouldn’t have any debt after I graduate. I want to know what steps I should take now to ensure that I can move out as soon as possible. I know I’m young. My guardians won’t allow me to move into an apartment (they think it’s a bad choice NOT to own even if you are just getting out there on your own), so I’m looking to have a condo or townhome.

With COVID being the economy wrecker right now, I know investing in a home now would be the smartest. However, as a kid with no degree and no income outside of the shifts at Target, I’m really at a loss.

What can I do?


TLDR;: I need to move out as soon as I graduate into a property I can own.

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