My coworker asked me this question and while I do have some knowledge on the subject. It’s not that much. So, I figured I would ask here.

My coworker is on an auto loan with her sister. They don’t communicate any longer, I guess they had a falling out of some sort. My coworker had the car, and her sister co-signed I believe because of credit issues in the past. Being a single mother paying rent and car note on around 12 an hour is hard. Especially when the car note was $600/mo and rent is 1200/mo So, in return the sister took the car. Paid on it. Kept it current for a couple months. Then all of a sudden fell almost 4 months behind. So my coworker paid it off to avoid repo.

The car is still sitting at her sisters. Unused. And my coworker is still paying on it. Even though she can’t use it.

She asked me today if there was a way to removed her name from the loan (Capital One) so she can go next year and get a new car. Herself. I told her what I knew. That the sister had to refinance in her name alone. Or she can get a substitute for her place on the loan. Her sister won’t refinance because of said falling out. And she doesn’t know of anyone that could substitute her on the loan either.

Other than those two ways I said, is there any other way that she can get her name off the car loan so when she gets a new car. She’s not paying two notes.

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