So I've been struggling with my wisdom teeth lately, they're growing in and causing me a lot of pain all over inside my mouth. In my neck, and headaches all day. I don't have dental insurance, I'm a single woman with no children, and I'm currently unemployed from the covid 19. I tried signing up for financial help through the state but apparently making $14,000 a year should get me all of the things I need. Most nights I spend struggling to fall asleep because of the pain and discomfort, and let me be honest, I have a lot of anxiety tied to it as well sometimes I think I'm going to die from my skull just popping open, (Irrational I'm sure) , I don't even really know where to start with all of this as I am already in debt from medical bills. My parents and other family members doesn't really seem to get how much I'm worried about this, and they aren't much help financially either and I cant really blame them, we all struggle to get our bills paid and whatnot. Any help or advice is very much appreciated and I'm looking forward to any response to this whatsoever, I'm very desperate and like I said I'm not really sure where to start with this.

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