Just graduated highschool, I've invested $3500 into the stock market and have been doing good on that front, however given the situation I don't know if that's saying much besides being at the right place at the right time.


I'm trying to set myself up for "financial freedom" in the future so I'm trying to get my shit together now before I make too many mistakes.


I've been struggling to find a career path that pays well, a lot of career paths seem to recommend a degree but with loans to deal with I'm curious as to if it would even be worth it to pursue them from the perspective of it being a good financial decision. For example a lawyer may make a six figure salary but also have six figure debt and spend valuable time obtaining the education to become a lawyer and may be working 60 hrs a week, coupled with a saturated market making it difficult to land the job depending on the area. So even though the salary is pretty large, my understanding is that it may not be a smart financial decision. That is probably one of the more extreme examples however I just wanted to give a window into my thought process.


Are there resources to find statistics into what jobs in my area are in demand? And do you have any advice on careers that may be a smart financial decision? Or General financial life advice?

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