A quick layout of the basics

Im 19 and live in Australia. I've finished highschool and will be starting university shortly, studying business. I live with a friend and his family due to extenuating family issues and will be moving out this year, to live with 2 friends. This will be while I study.

Im between jobs at the moment but have worked full time for a while. Between that and diligently saving my ass off, I've made some good money.


27.5k in a high interest savings account

2.5k emergency fund

2k Reliable car with basic insurance

2k superannuation fund


10k student loan

Low interest credit card – Payed full monthly

My student loan's is expected to increase by 15k-30k over the next 4 years. They are no interest and are payed years later when I make x amount of dollars.

I've got an account with self wealth as well as a mild knowledge of investing. Don't time the market, dollar cost averaging, ect. I just really want to get started.

Im just very confused about putting it all into action and getting into the market. Im looking to invest my money into an ETF, as it seems easy to understand and effective. Any advice about how to approach all of this, make the most of what I have, or what mistakes not to make?

Again I'm from Australia, however it's all pretty universal.

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