TTNP sitting currently at $0.33 has a beta value at $0.87. Roth capital has given a price target of $4 while Maxim Group rated it as a buy with a price target of $4 as well. TTNP currently has a short float of 8% with avg volume at 14 million. They have been working hard to set up the ecosystem required for successful commercialization of probuphine. The company has expanded its distribution Network to cover the entire United States and is working in partnership with several well-known specialty pharmaceutical players such as Knight Therapeutics and molteni. They are also advancing in Europe and Canada respectively.

Total revenue for the first quarter was 1.3 million compared to 945000 in the year prior. Gross margin for product revenues improved over a year prior to 18.6% with 2.3 million allotted to research and development.

Over the last year Titan has taken several steps to advance the commercialization as well as forged other Partnerships with Alliance Rx for fulfillment.

Other Milestones include streamline distribution, reducing the time from prescription to delivery, websites established for both patients and providers, benefits verification duration reduced from 90 days to 24 hours, targeted training of providers with a focus on the most productive with 3 in excess of 300 trained oh, shift to Virtual training for providers over the last few months, sales activities moved online or to the phone(big step up especially now).

Titan launched a new campaign to increase awareness called step into stability. This is an effort in partnership with public health officials and other institutions to reduce dosing by educating patients, members and providers. The effort identifies the benefit of the implant compared to current therapy for the Target patient to help with opioid use disorder.

Last quarter they showed an improvement in earnings and I feel this will only expand as they push into more markets with aftermarket trials still taking place.

Catalyst!!This was approved for all 28 member states and will be accompanied by a clinical and medical Affairs program and a phase for post-marketing safety study. Initial efforts will focus on high-volume addiction centers that have a wide reach into the community and countries in the EU. The first batch is expected to be produced by the end of June and available for sale.

Risk: They most likely need to gain compliance By late August but in this case I do not feel anybody here would be still invested at that point.

Their post-market trials which are required by the FDA will cost approximately 4 to 5 million dollars per trial.

Short-term right this second if you get in the risk is minimal because it is not pumped very high as of now. They might do an offering if it gets too high so just watch out for that.

!!! Added information! More great news!! This is brand new this morning!!!


Also to note this has 207% increase in hedge fund investment and 47% more institutional money

In conclusion this has been years of work all cumulating towards the end of June with a partnership started today. I would get in now or risk paying much more.

Now go make money 🙂

Final note please share this to every person you know and on any subreddit or social media that you can. I know that some of you have an incredible reach and sadly I do not so let's get the word out!

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