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Decisions from the US Supreme Court are being released this morning. The court’s first decision this morning involves foreign groups that receive US monetary aid.

The ruling says it is not a violation of the US Constitution’s First Amendment’s right to free speech to require foreign groups to denounce prostitution and sex trafficking in order to receive US aid. The court said that because the groups of foreign-based, they are not protected by the First Amendment.

2.58pm BST

A former Florida Department of Health data scientist detailed on NPR this morning her claims that she was asked by the state government to manipulate data related to the number of Covid-19 cases.

Rebekah Jones said that as she was working on a database of positive Covid-19 cases in each county throughout the state, department leadership asked her to manually change numbers so that it would appear the virus’ spread was not bad enough to delay reopening. She said that as the department was debating which numbers to change or hide, the reopening plan “was being printed and stapled right in front of me”, she told NPR.

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