Prof Michael Kidd says the milestone was passed in the last 24 hours; stay-at-home orders in place for 10 postcodes in Melbourne’s north

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GetUp has released a statement about the proposed justice target in the draft Closing the Gap strategy, which Ken Wyatt has already said would be revised.

You’ll recall the draft strategy sets the target for achieving parity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous incarceration rates at 2093, and that Wyatt told the ABC this afternoon that target would be brought forward.

Waiting 73 years for justice would have been a national disgrace … We know what serious reforms look like and they could be made today: repeal punitive bail laws, end mandatory sentencing, stop imprisoning children, put an end to police investigating police and stop putting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in solitary confinement.

None of this is new, Scott Morrison just needs to look to the endless recommendations from countless inquiries that have set down a clear path for reforms to wind back racist policing, stop deaths in custody and end incarceration.

Setting a goal to reach equality by the end of the century is not ‘ambitious’, it’s a death sentence for hundreds of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Governments know what action is needed to end the mass incarceration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and how to get there. It’s been spelled out in countless royal commissions, inquiries and – tragically – all too often in inquests.

Hundreds of thousands of Australians took to the streets in support of the Black Lives Matters movement. If governments believe that the lives of First Nations people matter, then they would take urgent steps to remove those unjust laws and policies that contribute to this crisis, in particularity raising the age of criminal responsibility to keep young children out of prison, abolishing discriminatory and punitive mandatory sentencing laws and to implement the recommendations of the 1991 royal commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody.

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Never tell a journalist you are planning on getting a coronavirus test in a hotspot suburb, unless you are prepared for that journalist to recruit you as a stringer.

This just in, from the testing site at AG Gillon Oval in Brunswick.

An update from one of the pop-up coronavirus testing sites in Brunswick. The wait is just under an hour. Moving fairly swiftly, considering the number of people seeking a test.

I know a number of people in that area who don’t have symptoms but are getting a test just to be sure.

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