Looking at Ideonomics Press Releases to date as a sanity check during the long weekend, I'm expecting a beefy earnings release and thought I'd consolidate some information, do feel free to add, if you know when their earnings is scheduled for release then do let me know!

– At least 29.5 Million USD total from their RELEASES (still unclear on profit from the 33 million USD sold at Meg center in May)

– MEG sold 33 million in May, they haven't released numbers for June, but if we continue that trend for June the total hits 95.55 Million USD, and then replicating in July the total hits 128.55 Million USD. I would expect IDEX to profit from this volume.

– I have left out the Taxi Order fulfillments from June 10th PR because I'm unclear on when they are being fulfilled. If we add in the first 200 orders mentioned the total hits 131.35 Million USD

– Their gross profit for the year ended December 31, 2019 was approximately $43.1million, so we're potentially close to that from this quarter alone, so up to the earnings release we should certainly see investor interest!

OF COURSE, the key risk here is their less than stellar PR; I would love to see a release about them firing/hiring new team members to facilitate better releases. But ultimately, given the number of positive releases in June I can see this continue throughout July acting as a great catalyst.

Another risk; those twats on Twitter begging the CEO to release news. The cringe hurts my heart and soul.

Overview of the PR materials.

June 30: Ideanomics' MEG Provides Update on 500 Unit Order for AOXIN Logistical Vehicles

  • We can expect some positve PR on the "360 units expected to be delivered in July"
  • 7 million USD

June 29: Ideanomics' MEG Announces Delivery Completion of Multiple EV Sales Orders

  • 25 Dongfeng Heavy Truck units ordered by Hangzhou Deqian Industrial Company Ltd, 40 Aoxin EV500 logistic vehicles for Jiudao Group
  • Various customer orders for a combined 52 units of various EV vehicle types.
  • 3.15 million USD

June 26: Ideanomics MEG has a 1 Million square foot hub in Qingdao, Shandong

  • The company secured a 15-year free rental agreement backed by the local government, which was signed in late 2019.

June 25: Ideanomics MEG Announces the Official Launch of Its Energy Services Unit Through Deal with New Infrastructure Service Provider Giant, Zhongsen Tower

– Under the term the deal, MEG will own 30% of the venture which will establish Zhongsen Tower in Qingdao, making MEG its largest co-shareholder

– Entry into the 5G base station and energy infrastructure markets will generate reoccurring energy sales for MEG

June 22: Ideanomics MEG Announces 200 EV Order from Neijiang City, Sichuan Province

  • Approximately USD 16,000 per vehicle. The order will be fulfilled with Dongfeng Liuzhou S50EV models and, subject to final negotiations with manufacturers, financing, government licensing, etc., delivery of the vehicles to Neijiang City is expected to be completed mid-July.
  • 3.2 million USD

June 19: Ideanomics Qingdao EV Hub Announces Order from Tianjin Zhongcheng

  • 4.4 million USD

June 17: Ideanomics MEG Announces a 400 Unit EV Order from Jiudao Group

  • 5.1 million USD

June 16: Ideanomics MEG Announces a 300 Unit EV Order from Didi City CP

  • 4.2 million USD

June 11: Ideanomics MEG and Beijing Silk Road Rainbow Group Develop New Energy Bus Plan and Select Manufacturers to Fulfill China Orders

  • Plan provides a platform to facilitate sales of more than 2,000 EV buses through multiple orders
  • China's EV bus replacement market is estimated to be in excess of USD 118 Billion and regulations require conversion to EVs by the end of 2022

June 10: Ideanomics MEG Finalizing Multiple EV Taxi Orders

June 9: Over 2,100 Vehicles Sold at Ideanomics' MEG Center in May

  • 33 million USD total VALUE
  • Actual earnings by Ideonomics on per sale unclear

May 18: Ideanomics' MEG Secures First Order for Qingdao EV Hub

  • 2.5 million USD

May 7: Ideanomics' MEG Signs Agreement with Beijing Xenning Green for EV Procurement and Financing

  • Deal includes procurement of more than 100,000 buses over five years

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