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We reside in the Bay area are in the market to purchase our first house, we are primarily looking in the Fremont Area. Me and my wife both have good FICO scores (740+) and we saved up 20% downpayment (with some flexibility) for a house. We are currently being helped by our real estate agent to start the lender process, since after covid a lot of the seller agents require a pre-approval letter before they can show the house. I had a few doubts regarding this, I have tried searching

  • How do I search for mortgage lender and hunt for rates on my own ?

  • Although I trust my real-estate agent, I would still like to know what rates are out there, in-case I get a better rate.

  • Do I just google 'mortgage lender' and start applying online? I am also confused if pre-approvals involve hard-credit pull which can cause issues when I actually need a mortgage loan.

  • Do I start calling banks and ask what rates they are providing, I do see a lot of posts asking how to lower refinance rates etc, but I am confused how to event start the ball rolling.

I read through the FAQ section but couldn't find any related answer, I am ultra noob when it comes to the mortgage loan process, I am afraid my experimentation might lead to un-intended credit pulls which would cause an issue later on.

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