If you ever wanted to gamble with your stocks, buy famous companies that are associated with Epstein's 'friends.'


If you think she's gonna get taken down without anyone else going with her, you're clearly mistaken. They had cameras everywhere and the videos are sitting up in the cloud somewhere. You want to bet your life savings that they don't have a video of your favorite big company CEO?

Papa Trump needs a bigger story than Corona, and now he has it. All that anti-Biden stuff is not working and Trump doesn't want to wear a mask. Now that they have her, they're gonna throw as many people under the bus as they can to get the virus and BLM stories off of the front page.

Imagine what would happen to Tesla if suddenly Elon is in jail.


How about Bezos and that Google guy?


How about Zuck and that LinkedIn guy?


And a whole lot more…


I'm not saying that this will 100% happen, but do you really want to wager that this Maxwell lady isn't 10 times smarter than Epstein was? After all she's been hiding for a year and is still alive.

Recommendation: Do whatever you want. But be ready for FB and TLSA stock to fall 10% or more if additional news or rumors come out about Elon or Zuck hanging with this guy. Either company losing their CEO would be a disaster.

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