Globalstar, Inc. is an American satellite communications company that operates a low Earth orbit satellite constellation for satellite phone and low-speed data communications. Meaning they do location services (GPS), data transmission (cellular), and sensor data (bluetooth low energy). Globalstar is partnered with Jeep and They have recently obtained and solely own some 5G spectrum, Band n53, for use with utilities. That last part is key.


*This DD/research is from the perspective of someone very familiar with the telecomm and connectivity industry. *

May 1st – Executive Order issued from White House and Trump Administration to ban use of technology and components from potential foreign adversaries (China, Russia, etc.) that involve our power grid and utilities in the hope to prevent cyber attacks. Device manufacturers will now look to leverage USA and friendly nation based technologies and components which means a boost for companies like Globalstar.

May 1st+ – News starts to spread through the electronics and connectivity industry about the executive order. Many people see the trend and precedent established by this order and are switching their technologies even if they are not involved with utilities.

May 18th – Directors and Executives see the writing on the wall and load up on 200k+ shares.

June 3rd – Globalstar rushes to announce their ST-100 chip which provides Cellular data, GPS, and Bluetooth, so they can capitalize on the market shift. Has FCC and IC certifications (USA and Canada). J

June 17th – Globalstar and Nokia publicly announce and demonstrate LTE Band n53 (part of the 5G spectrum) at Technology Conference with focus on utilities.

June 23rd to 28th – Globalstar goes on a hiring spree to design new modem(s) to capitalize on market shift and 5G spectrum. RF Front End Design Engineer, Firmware Engineer, Software Development Engineer.

July 7th – Earnings to be announced. This is based on previous quarter earnings being announced on May 7th.


Multiple Form-4s filed on- June 4th

Director – Keith Cowan, picked up 50k shares at $0.3078 and owns 248,908 total shares

VP of Finance – Tim Taylor, picked up 50k shares at $0.3078 and owns 1,508,112 total shares

Director – Benjamin Wolff picked up 50k shares at $0.3078 and owns 299,917 total shares

Director – William Hasler, picked up 50k shares at $0.3078 and owns 483,908 total shares

*Upcoming Q2 Earnings Report around July 7th. Previous quarter earnings looked solid and hoping to have the same or better in Q2. Other tidbits – Partnership with Jeep to have co-branded products to serve the rugged vehicle market. New influx of customers to track shipments during COVID-19 outbreak.*


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Jobs Posted on LinkedIn –

Most recent jobs posted on LinkedIn –

Partnership with Jeep – -partnership-jeepr-brand

Products with Jeep – epr-edition-2-way-satellite


Globalstar is a USA based company that provides asset tracking, cellular data and voice, and more via it’s own satellite system. These are critical in commercial markets such as transportation, construction, and utilities where items are very expensive or communication is critical, but hard to access. There is an Executive Order from the White House to remove all foreign adversary telecom equipment from our utilities and power grid due to risk of cyber attacks. This puts Globalstar in a great position as they recently pushed out their new ST-100 product AND bought 5G spectrum (band n53) to be used in utilities applications (which they showed off at a conference this month with Nokia. They are partnered with Jeep and have an upcoming earnings report for Q2. Insiders own 64% of shares and have been loading up according to SEC filings. The future seems very bright for this one and I’m hoping we caught it early. Possible medium term play too if you want hold.

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