Firstly, thank you for the support fellow astronauts

It's a dope feeling to contribute to the community. My goal is to help you read these charts

Update at 12:30am EST:

My friend who I trade with read up on TRQ and DLPN. TRQ is a no go fundamentally. They're voting to approve a reverse split, so I'm gonna short that thang during that conference call when they start reading results from the vote.

I'm trading DLPN, the bro said their financials look ok and they have til july 15th to release earnings so plenty of time for these moves.

Here's the video of our Technical Analyses tonight:

Disclaimer (please read), 00:00

My Stock Screener Settings, 14:19

Trading Algorithm, 24:50

XSPA, 26:20

TRQ (what i look for with my screener), 39:10

Finding another nice trade with the screener.. DLPN, 41:30

How to know its a pump and dump, 45:45

Trade Set up for DLPN, 47:25

IDEX was telling you it was gonna drop to $2.16 from the very top @ $4.00, 51:30

NLST, 01:03:00

Check out my Cup, 01:08:10

BLU, 01:08:37

Trades for tomorrow, 01:17:20

GSAT, 01:18:00

AEZS, 01:31:51

TRXC, 01:41:10

TNXP, 01:52:30

RGLS, 02:08:00

OPTT, 02:26:10

Hope it helps. Lets get filthy rich tomorrow bois

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