I've worked for a small office admin company for almost 3 years. There is usually office drama, from favoritism to arguments to shady managers but it is a decent job to put onto a resume for better paying opportunities and I'm not in the best place to find another job (even before covid). I don't want to get too into detail, but the job network can be fruitful so it's worth the wait.

I am a VERY punctual person and always come in early to be on time. TBH I'm a stickler with time and will always be at a place, on the dot, no matter the event.

Lately, I've been noticing that the time clock has been changing during my lunch time. The time clock is a modern punch print. Everyday it changes from ~7 min. faster (it will be 7:53am but the clock would say 8:00am) at clock-in then change to our normal (would actually be 1pm standard time) then jumps 10 min. later when I'm at lunch (I would come back at 1:30pm but the clock would say 1:40pm). I've been taking pictures since my phone has time stamp with coordinates and knows my work building. Can my supervisor legally do this? It looks like a fireable offense or a no raise tactic. I have two weeks of pictures from me clocking in and out and pattern is definitely during my lunch.

I will notify them to make sure they are aware that time changes during lunch before filing a complaint. However, they do have a history of changing the clock but this time it affects my attendence.

I don't want to do a lawsuit. I just want to get in and out with a paycheck and call it day.

Note: you need a key or/and code to change clock's time and only management has both.

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