Hi all, I've made a throwaway account as I do not want my work situation attached to my main account.

I am living in the UK have been furloughed since April (on full pay). I found out last week that I will be being made redundant this month. I had suspected this for some time and have since found a new job, however I have not been made redundant yet. If I hand in my notice, I am entitled to 30 days pay, plus an extra week and entitled holiday which is about 5 days. I would be able to start my new job immediately. If I wait for redundancy, at the moment it is looking like it will take a couple of weeks (where I believe I will be continued to be paid my wages as I have been my entirety of furlough), and then I will receive the same as when I hand in my notice, plus another extra week. And again I should be able to start my new job as soon as it goes through.

Obviously there is more money for the redundancy option, but it also involves another two weeks of not working, which I know is a privilege but I am struggling with my mental health over it. What I can't figure out is how much more, as I'm uncertain if there is a difference tax wise, and I will also be starting a new job straight away rather than waiting.

Can anyone give me any idea into the difference in money I would expect to receive for July? Perhaps to make it easier we could assume I would start the new job on Monday 13th if I hand in my notice and Monday the 27th if I wait for redundancy. Or am I even allowed to wait for redundancy knowing I have a new job offer?

Current job: £38k per annum New job: £35k per annum I'm on the student loan payment plan 2 and contribute 3% to pension as well as National Insurance and Income tax (if needed). I get paid the last day of the month.

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