Hi all! I would really appreciate some help on all of this. Here’s my situation: my whole life I never realized the importance of credit/having a credit card really until I met my current boyfriend about a year ago. I’ve also been a student basically my whole life, and I’m in graduate school now. When I applied to a Chase card, I got denied. My boyfriend made me an authorized user on one of his cards so it looked like I had good credit on credit karma. When I tried applying to chase again at a later time, I got denied again. Then a nice man at Chase told me to try for a secured credit card. Well guess what, I tried applying to the Bank of America secured credit card and I got denied. This was a couple of weeks ago. Now I don’t know what to do. I want to start a HYSA, I don’t have much money (around $5,000), but I don’t know if this will help or hurt when trying to get a credit card. I work part time and I have loans (about $50,000) and I’ve been trying to keep saving. I always pay the interest on my loans each month (and it’s variable, so it’s been nice and low lately). I’ll admit I was terrible with my money until about a year ago, but I’ve been better at budgeting/saving. I want to get a credit card but I also don’t just want to keep my savings sitting in my checking account. What should I do?

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