From a small unknown company, relief therapeutics and it’s drug RLF-100 got much attention yesterday. Now slowly the big traders start to notice it and there are the first voices trying to get the administration in place.. With first clinical results showing that RLF-100 cures even the most critically ill patients despite high co-morbidities after only three days of treatment, it slowy starts to be seen as a game changer to the whole corona crisis.

What we know so far:

  • RLF-100 cured most critically ill COVID-19 ICU patients within 3 Days of treatment, this results are communicated out of the Expanded Access protocol.

  • Relief Therapeutics is granted FDA Fast Track Status and FDA did ask them to open up intermediate Expanded Access for emergency treatment of patients not participating in the study.

  • The drug is patented by Relief Therapeutics and is easy and fast to produce.

  • Drug is already well known from earlier studies and has minimal side effects.

  • Results of Phase 2/3 Study is due in August.

  • There is a second study for an inhaled version of RLF-100 underway

  • The drug can potentially be used to treat all ARDS related illnesses.

You find more Information on their US partners website: https://www.neurorxpharma.com/our-services/rfl-100/

More Information:



As always i urge everyone to do his own due diligence!

Personal Opinion: As so far fastest and most efficient Drug in sight, RLF.SW / RLFTF could help all of us out of this crisis, this might create unique dynamics in the stock because the market capitalization is still quite small and in the end it will probably come down to geo-politics, where there is no limit to share price or market capitalization, whichever country has a cure first in it’s hand, will win the race to open up its economy fully first..

Disclaimer: I did extensive research on RLF-100 since weeks and i’m personally believe in the potential of the drug, but clearly with a positive bias. i own rlf.sw shares and plan to hold them well into 2021. Do your own research before investing!

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