So I'm just about rounding out my 30th year on this planet.

I'm not diehard FIRE, but it's always been a passive goal of mine. The FI part mainly because I don't really plan on accomplishing RE because I will keep working in one form or another as I am a business owner, and I enjoy it.

So over the past 2-3 years I've been really thinking of my career trajectory and what I really want to be doing with it.

It feels like since my 20s I've just been checking things off a list and I'm now at a point where I have no more things to check of career wise but it's not because I'm accomplished but moreso because I don't know what's next. I've been kind of in limbo for the past two years.

  • Early 20s, wanted to build up experience to get a job making six figures, accomplished that
  • Then I wanted to start a business and earn six figures without an employer, done
  • Since I'm a college dropout I wanted to get some credentials so I got my PMP certification
  • Now what?

I have equity stake in multiple companies and make a decent enough salary to maintain my FI goals, but I feel very unaccomplished.

I'm thinking of going back to school completing my bachelors, maybe getting another certification, or even just going straight for an MBA (I've been accepted at a couple schools but they're not noteworthy).

I still have a lot of FI goals I want to accomplish so I'm trying to be practical and figure out something that gives me the most upside if say I do want to just get a job at a large corporation with a good package to not deal with the stress of managing my own businesses for a couple years.

The schooling/certifications don't really do much for my businesses. They are in different industries and honestly don't really rely on me to continue operating.

I took half a year off and just travelled already. I've tried new hobbies and picked up some. Done multiple roadtrips, went camping, even tried yoga… Any advice?

I was just about to pay for a Scrum Product Owner certification literally right now because I figured this as good a time as any to do it since they're doing the training and certification online due to Covid, but I thought of making this post before I pull the trigger.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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