This is everyone’s favorite stock to hate…..because we all see the potential for it yet it just won’t pop! I think there is still lots of money to be made here, and over the next two weeks we are going to see a really steady climb as we get closer to earnings on August 21st. I predict it will be $1.75 minimum by then!

If you want a really good in depth DD, go check out the one u/Iskippedfaceday did. Its 11 days old but still as true as ever! This thing is going to be hit with HUGE PR soon and it will fly like KODK!

The big dogs also are keeping an eye on this stock, look at Business Wire. It is owned by the king himself Warren Buffet. They are consistently staying up on the news with FRSX.

A patent is on its way in the USA and it will strengthen their intellectual property and cutting edge technology in accident prevention systems.

Not to mention this company gets deals with Billion Dollar companies!! Rumor has it Toyota or Huawei could be one of the next major clients.

I also feel like everyone forgets that FRSX is using its advanced technology to develop a detection system for COVID positive patients! This company has its fingers dipped in huge industry’s and it takes just 1 deal to make it rocket past penny stocks land!

In July alone this company had 8 different instances of good PR. So far in August we have not heard a peep…..I think its because something big is in the pipeline!!

Upcoming catalysts: News about Toyota & Huawei deal! Update on US patents! Update on COVID testing systems! Earnings report on August 21st!

Short or long play, do your own DD but this thing is going to POP, its just a matter of when!


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