Victoria reports no deaths; South Australia to open borders to flights from the ACT. Follow all today’s news

4.50am BST

This is from a little earlier, but this is SA police commissioner Grant Stevens announcing the border changes:

I’m able to advise that effective of midnight tonight, the requirement to quarantine for 14 days will be lifted for people travelling between ACT and South Australia.

New South Wales, the 14-day quarantine period will remain in force for the foreseeable future until such time as South Australian health experts are satisfied that the community transmission issues which were occurring in New South Wales have abated to the degree that we can allow that movement from New South Wales into South Australia without adversely impacting on the risk to the South Australian community from a public health point of view.

They will be required to still fill in the pre-approval online, as with all other safe community transmission zones, and people will be required to declare that they have not been outside of the safe community transmission zone for the 14-day period prior to travelling into South Australia.

Now, you can only come into ACT by air, because to come by road, you would have to travel through New South Wales and then the 14-day quarantine period would apply.

4.42am BST

“Young Australians’ patriotism” seems a fraught term.

Interim report into the Working Holiday Maker program recommends the government appeal to young Australians’ patriotism to fill gaps in agricultural work

Also wants JobSeeker maintained for those doing low paid ag work ‍

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