Covid-19 restrictions ease in regional Victoria today as economists and international students call for expansion of jobkeeper. Follow all today’s news

12.29am BST

The streets of Beechworth are still empty, nine hours after the relaxation is restrictions in regional Victoria took effect. It has never been a struggle to get a park here on a weekday, but when I met the federal MP for Indi, Helen Haines, at 8.30am, our matching Mazdas – hers bright orange – were the only cars on the block.

“It’s too early for optimism at the moment, especially in Victoria,” Haines says.

This is Beechworth, nine hours after the easing of restrictions. It’s as quiet as it was yesterday. I grew up 10 minutes down the road and have never seen it so empty.

If this is your patch, please DM me. Would love to see how you’re getting on.

12.28am BST

The Victorian Opposition is moving a no confidence motion against Daniel Andrews. It’s expected the motion will be tabled today, but it won’t actually get debated until the parliament’s next sitting, which will be next month.

This is a government that has proven itself to be incompetent, dishonest and with no vision or hope for Victorians,” AAP reported opposition leader Michael O’Brien as saying.

By moving a motion of no confidence, every member of the Legislative Assembly will have to make a decision – are they going to vote to protect Daniel Andrews’ job? Or are they going to vote to protect Victorians’ jobs?”

It takes courage to stand up to an overbearing Labor Govt.

Michelle Loielo is courageous.

She + her pro bono legal team are challenging Labor’s punitive curfew in @SCVSupremeCourt.@LiberalVictoria support Michelle’s action because Victoria shouldn’t be locked down unlawfully.

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