Gladys Berejiklian expected to announce changes as South Australia opens up to ACT and Brett Sutton gives evidence at Victoria’s hotel quarantine inquiry. Follow all today’s developments

2.43am BST

Does the Victorian premier think public trust in the Victorian police has been damaged given the footage and images from the last week?

Daniel Andrews:

I think you’d appreciate that it’s challenging for me to be drawn into detailed commentary of incidents but I’ll add to what I said yesterday. An officer was stood down.

I think that’s appropriate. And the Victorian community can be confident that where there’s an issue, where there’s a need to investigate, where there’s a need to find out exactly what’s begun on there, then there’s a proper process that’s there.

2.40am BST

Will Victoria take on any more hotel quarantine travellers, given Michael McCormack’s request.

tl;dr – no

My answer has not changed. I think it’s important. We’re informed by the process going on at the moment. I know it’s challenging. In a similar vein, South Australia, to the best of my understanding, or doing some trial work in relation to international students. That’s another market we need to get open as well. So yes, it’s people returning. I do appreciate there’s significant frustration with the caps that have been put on changed arranges.

They’re not just a function of the fact that Victoria is not taking planes. I don’t think that the moment we do, the caps will come off. I think there will still be some limits because, you know, it’s obviously challenging, total capacity within that quarantine system is, you know, it can only go so far.

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