Hello Reddit,

First I want to thank everyone for reading my post!!

I just recently lost my job working from home because my car broke down. (We were going to move into the offices two weeks ago, but due to my car repair expenses I couldn't do it. So they let me go.)

I applied for unemployment, but unfortunately was rejected from some CRAP reason my company gave them. I'm in Texas, and I cannot for the life of me get ahold of the unemployment offices.

I'm currently sitting with $2 in my bank account, and $300 left owed on this months rent.

I cannot find a job working from home fast enough. My car is broken down still, and I have no way to repair it. I even looked at the process to do it myself but it's way to far fetched for me.

At this point, I'm really just feeling done with it all. I feel like a failure.

I guess my first true question would be to those who have filed for unemployment before, does an appeal ever work in your favor? I can't even get ahold of the offices to speak to a human about it.

My landlord has been very understanding so far. But I know that cannot go on forever.

Any advice would be amazing. I really need it.

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