Hi I'm in a tough spot. My parents have decided that they don't want to help me through college anymore which has left me in a hard spot. I have a decent understanding of what I'll need, but I wanted some help making sure I'm not missing anything. My goal is to make it to June of 2021 with at least 1,000 in my savings, so about 9 months. From there I will start working full time until I can find a full-time job related to my degree.

  • Health Insurance: $2,600- $3,300
    • $2,600 for the school year and $700 for the summer (if needed)
  • Tuition: $1,450
    • Fall: already paid for
    • Spring: $1,300 for the semester
    • Books: ~$150
  • Food: $2,700
    • $300 per month (I could try to lower this, but this is about how much I spent on food per month last year)
  • Rent: Included in tuition
  • Phone plan: $360
    • $40 a month with Visible
    • If anyone has a better suggestion it would be greatly appreciated. This one seemed like the best for the money.

Totaling this up I get $7,400- $8,000. I have $4,600 in my bank account but my aunt offered me a loan through her of up to $5,000. I'm taking 19-20 credit semesters so I don't have a lot of extra time to work, but I could try to find something for 5-10 hours per week if I absolutely need to. If I take the loan for $5,000 could I make this work? Is there anything I'm missing?

Edit: I forgot to mention that I will be working for two weeks at my summer job over winter break so I will have an additional $800.

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